Can I #ballotselfie?

Whether you're voting by mail, at your town or city offices or at a polling place for the 2016 election, you may want to snap a picture of yourself taking part in the democratic process. But could you get in trouble for it? That all depends on what state you're in.

An AP analysis in October found that 18 states ban the ballot selfie, 19 states and Washington, D.C., allow you to take pics with your ballot, while laws in the other 13 states are more ambiguous. There are signs the tide may be turning toward the humble ballot selfie, though — in two recent cases, federal judges ruled that laws banning ballot selfies in New Hampshire and Indiana were unconstitutional. And on Friday, November 4 — just four days before the election — a federal judge overturned Colorado's 1891 law banning dissemination of marked ballots, which means ballot selfies are now allowed in 20 states.

For more information on laws specific to your state, city or town, contact your local election officials.

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Source: Associated Press, unless otherwise noted.